Tortoise in Love

The Community Cinema has landed a great treat for all film fans in Campsie. On Saturday 14 July we will be showing Tortoise in Love just one day after its début in cinemas. Normally it is several months before we can get a license for a film but this is a truly independent film and they are doing things differently.

Please join us for an event which might turn out to be a bit of cinema history.

Watch the trailer here or find out more about the film here.

Getting some Inspiration

This evening we hosted a short performance by Inspiration Theatre Group. They have been been meeting in the hall on Tuesday evenings since October. They work really hard in singing, drama and dance. Tonight they performed extracts from the hit musical Bugsy Malone.

Mums and Dads were invited along to see what had been achieved in a few weeks and everyone was delighted with how much progress had been made.

If you have a son or daughter who would like to learn to sing, act and dance then bring  them along to the hall on a Tuesday evening. Classes will start again on 10 January.

Check out the Inspiration website for more info.

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Sound and Vision Update


After our amazing success in the Jubilee People’s Millions we have been working hard to get everything in place.

First we had to take care all the paperwork with the Big Lottery Fund. We were unable to place any orders until all of the details were taken care of. As soon as this was done we placed the main order for the PA, lights and projection equipment.

With this confirmed our suppliers (D3 AV) were able to tell us that installation would take place during the first two full weeks in September (5-16 September). During this time the main hall will be completely out of use. All users have been notified and we apologise for this disruption to service however it will be worth it.

We have a band night scheduled for 14 October which will be a fitting way to christen the new system.


East Dunbartonshire Chess Congress

When we started on this adventure of running the hall we all had a list of ideas of things that we wanted to see happen in the hall. I don’t think the first East Dunbartonshire Chess Congress was on anybody’s list.
Well it happened over the last two days. About thirty chess enthusiasts from all over Scotland battled it out all playing five games over the two days.
Our congratulations to Daniel Rocks for organising the event which ran very smoothly.
We look forward to hosting this event again in the future and helping it to grow into a major event on the Scottish Chess calendar.

WE WON!!!!!!!

WE WON!!!!!!!
A massive thank you to all of you that voted. We couldn’t have done it without you. You were all brilliant.
Please thank everyone you asked to vote for us. I know lots of people far and near who were asked (or told) to vote for us – please let them know their votes counted.

This is a landmark event for Lennoxtown. It proves that we have a viable community here.

It proves that when we put our minds to something we can be successful. We can make a difference.

Let’s enjoy this moment while remembering that there is still work to be done. If you feel you can contribute to the running of the hall in any way please come forward. We still need your support.

This is only the beginning.

Campsie is on the move.


Jubilee People's Millions – Vote Today!!!!!

0871 626 88 78

Good morning everyone. Today is the day when Campsie Memorial Hall can make history.
Please phone this number: 0871 626 88 78 between 9am and midnight to help us win £60,000 of Lottery funding to turn the hall into a first class performance space with sound, lights and projection facilities.
It will make an enormous difference to the village by allowing us to put on a wide range of entertainment as well as giving a great opportunity to local people to develop their talents and realise their dreams.

Find out more here

Thank you

Two days to go

Until you get your chance to vote for us in the Jubilee People’s Millions.

Remember to check here on Wednesday to find out the phone number or watch us on the STV news between 6 and 6.30pm on Wednesday night.

We’re getting really excited.

Jubilee People's Millions

We’ve made it to the last six in the STV Central area. This has been an incredible journey that we haven’t been able to talk about until now. So on Wednesday 29 June we will appear on the teatime news and all that day you will be able to vote for us.

More info on the People’s Millions website and we will keep you up to date.

Thanks for your support.

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Keep up to date with what's happening at the hall.

We are keen to let everyone know what is going on at the hall. We are working on a lot of ideas that will really help the hall to serve community. You can stay in touch with developments by joining our mailing list.

Just fill out the form at the right hand side of the page to get regular updates on what is happening.


Curriculum for Excellence Event – 12 May 2011

Curriculum for Excellence Information Evening

Thursday 12 May 7pm – 9pm

Campsie Memorial Hall, Lennoxtown

Curriculum for Excellence is here and most of our children are now fully immersed in it. However as with anything new, we all still have questions.

In an attempt to provide a platform to share our experiences and uncertainties we have invited speakers who are at the leading edge of the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence

David Cameron – Former Head of Children’s Services, Stirling Council. We are very fortunate to have David speaking at this event. He is inspiring, entertaining and knowledgeable on all aspects of education.

Jacqui MacDonald – Education Officer, East Dunbartonshire Council

Linda Rae – Learning and Teaching Scotland

There will also be input from Craighead and St Machan’s Primary Schools and St Ninian’s High School.

Come along and hear what’s going on in our schools and put your questions to our expert panel.