Campsiefest II

Campsie Memorial Hall was really rocking last night. Our second band night was an even bigger success than the last one.

There were quite few nervous people who discovered that the Chemist and the Post Office had both sold all of their ticket allocation. People started turning up at the hall shortly after we opened up at 5pm and we did a brisk trade in the remaining tickets.

When the doors opened at 7.30pm the hall quickly started to fill up for the opening act – A Coo Stick. Their set included a wide range of covers from REM to Editors.

Del and Big Thingz were on stage next. This is possibly the first time that a Rap act has appeared in Lennoxtown. Their material went down really well.

Next up were Lost in Washington. It was obvious from the outset that they had brought a lot of supporters and their interesting blend of old and new went down really well with the crowd. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of them.

By this point the hall was at capacity. The bar staff were run off their feet as the crowd seemed to be really thirsty.

Manhattan Country Boys then took the stage. Fast moving guitar based rock is their speciality and the crowd loved it.

We then had a really great mix of covers from Common People. They provided a great warm up for our final act.

Once again we were honoured to Counterfeit Clash headlining. George, John, Rab and Johnny are always guaranteed to give it their all but they always seem to give it that wee bit more in front of their home crowd. They delighted the crowd with all the Clash classics and it seemed like they could have played all night. I’m quite sure the crowd would have been OK with that.

Eventually it was time for us to break up the party. I’m sure there will be plenty more nights like this in the not too distant future.

The management committee would like to thank all of the bands who gave their time free to help support the Trust in keeping the hall open. Special thanks to Jennifer for co-ordinating the whole thing. Alex for organising the bands and Hugh for doing the posters and Tickets. The Post Office and the Chemists for selling the tickets, JR Bar for handling refreshments and especially to the Counterfeit Clash for allowing us to use all their gear.

Last but not least a big thanks to all the volunteers who turned up at 10am this morning to clean the hall.

And of course thanks to all of you who bought tickets and continue to support this project as it goes from strength to strength.

A couple of busy weekends

Saturday 26 February saw us having another car boot sale in the hall. All 20 tables were taken and the day saw a steady stream of bargain hunters coming through the hall.

Saturday 5 March was our busiest day so far. Two children’s birthday parties during the day and an adult birthday party at night. The evening party was responsible for a heart stopping moment when the DJ was setting up his gear in the afternoon. The power kept cutting out and it took a bit of investigating to discover it was one of his lighting units that was faulty. We then had to work out how to rest the burglar alarm after a total power failure. These are all part of the learning process when you take over a building like the Memorial Hall.

Here’s to many more busy weekends.


According to the log files we have had five visits to our site from someone in Brazil. Obviously it could be some sort of robotic crawler searching the net but I’d love to think it was someone with a genuine interest in our hall.

If you’re reading this in Brazil could you please leave a comment?