Campsie Memorial Hall – Press Release 17 December 2010

This is a historic occasion in the life of this hall and hopefully in our community.

The Hall was originally built by the people of Campsie, owned by the people of Campsie, for the people of Campsie in the 1860s and remained so until 1954 when it transferred to Council ownership . At that point it underwent considerable refurbishment to become the hall that we recognise today.

So it is fitting that the Hall should come back to the community to manage.

The Campsie Memorial Hall Trust was set up by the community to manage the hall on behalf of the whole community. The Hall and facilities are available to all members of our community and beyond and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who has thoughts about the future of the hall or indeed who wishes to join in our effort to ensure the hall is available for posterity.

I would like to pay tribute to many people whose efforts have brought us to this point today:

Our local councillors, Dempsey, Kennedy and Ritchie who have been unfailingly supportive .

Grace Irvine and her staff in EDC who have facilitated the transfer.

Brian McAleenan and all of the staff of Lennoxtown Initiative who have given unstintingly of their time, effort and resources .

Thomas Docherty who is providing us with legal advice and services.

Christine, Marilyn and Vivienne at the hall who have gone the extra mile to support our effort .

The Save Our Valley Campaign who have made a very significant financial contribution to our work.

To our two trustees (Ian Young and David Whitton) who have given their time ,effort and ingenuity and who are the guarantors of good governance.

And my especial thanks to our very hardworking committee whose efforts have managed to get us to this occasion and whose hard work will be essential to the success of the hall in the future.They have been working since May to get us to this point, and I think are only now realising that this is where the hard work starts. But we are in control of our own destiny!

There are a host of other people who have contributed in a variety of ways , and to them, my thanks.

Finally I would thank the people of Lennoxtown and the local area who have come out in their droves to support all of our fundraising efforts .

The future of the Hall rests in the hands of our community. It is there to be used and the success of the venture depends entirely on the support of our community. I have every confidence that it will become a major part of the future of the area as it was in times past.

The Hall is ours!

On Friday 17 December 2010 the Campsie Memorial Hall Trust finally got the keys to the building.

This is not without its problems. We still do not have a lease. The building has been given to us on a license with the understanding that a lease will be agreed by 31 March 2011.

The Trust is now responsible for the upkeep of the hall. We need volunteers to help maintain, clean and staff the hall. We also need to get word out that the hall is now under new management. Details of how to book the hall and fees will be posted here very soon. Please check regularly for updates.