1st Anniversary!

Saturday 17th December marks the 1st Anniversary date of the hall’s first year of charitable trust ownership. Here’s a brief overview of what has been achieved so far…

  • Sports Related Activities (7500+ participants)
  • Zumba (2000+ participants)
  • Youth and Children’s Activities (2500+ participants)
  • Meetings and Surgeries (x80)
  • Celebrations – Birthday/Engagement Parties & Christenings etc. (3000+ attendees)
  • Band nights (15+ bands have played so far)
  • Community Cinema (5 Shows / 700+ visits)
  • Car Boot Sales (x3)
  • Fun Days, Open Days, Fairs (x5) ·
  • Chess Competitions, Drama groups, Music Groups + Flower Show

We have: Secured £84,000 grant income, repaired heating, decorated the hall, installed insulation, repaired doors, improved disabled facilities (ongoing) and won the Jubilee Millions.

We host: The Fruit and Veg. Co-operative (every Saturday at 10am)  and Forward Training – youth training scheme.

Phew! Not bad for year one. I wonder how many cakes from the home baking stalls have been eaten?!

If you’d like to help us celebrate we are having a festive evening on Saturday 17th December,   ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ will be showing (7.30 for 8pm, £5).  We’ll make you merry happy with mulled wine and mince pies!

Thank you for your ongoing support – 2012 can only be bigger and better.

Volunteers are always welcome, if you can help in any way please get in touch.

Getting some Inspiration

This evening we hosted a short performance by Inspiration Theatre Group. They have been been meeting in the hall on Tuesday evenings since October. They work really hard in singing, drama and dance. Tonight they performed extracts from the hit musical Bugsy Malone.

Mums and Dads were invited along to see what had been achieved in a few weeks and everyone was delighted with how much progress had been made.

If you have a son or daughter who would like to learn to sing, act and dance then bring  them along to the hall on a Tuesday evening. Classes will start again on 10 January.

Check out the Inspiration website for more info.

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