Conditions of Let

Subject to the approval of Campsie Memorial Hall Trust, the main hall, lesser hall, meeting rooms are available for use by:Groups for either fund-raising or non fund-raising activities and the voluntary sector.

Leisure & Activity Groups for Dance, Gymnastics, Singing and sports activities

Private functions e.g. wedding receptions, children’s parties .

Other interested parties at the discretion of the hall committee.

BOOKING REQUEST – If possible, at least 10 working days notice must be given in advance of commencement of the Let.  Bookings cannot be made more than 1 year in advance.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION – Once we have received your booking request, we will acknowledge this by email and request a booking deposit of £30 within 7 days to secure the date.   The balance of the let will require to be paid in full 7 days before the event.

GROUPS & REGULAR HALL USERS  –  An invoice will be sent out monthly and payment will be due within 14 days of the date of the invoice, unless by prior arrangement with the Treasurer.   Payment can also be accepted on a pay as you go basis

USING THE HALL – Campsie Memorial Hall must be left in a clean and tidy state after use.  The hall will be inspected before and after your let by one of our Trustees.  

All equipment should be put back as it was found.  Chairs stacked on the racks and all tables wiped down and stacked on the trolleys.  

Please remove and dispose of any balloons, gas tanks and any other decorations used in the Hall for your function.

If you are using the kitchen please bring T-Towels, bin bags, tablewear.  There are a few baking trays for the oven.

.Any damage to the Hall building or to any equipment within any part of the Hall  and any  necessary cleaning bills due to excessive dirt and litter, which is left after a your let will be chargeable to the hirer.

The hirer/Caterer will be responsible for the clearing of surface litter from tables and floors The hall and corridor must be swept after your let and all rubbish removed from the premises and either taken home or deposited in the outside bins.

The following conditions shall apply:

a) The licence holder (the Trust or its representative), or some responsible person (not under 21 years of age) who hires the hall shall be present and in charge during the whole period of time the public are in the hall. He or she will be responsible to ensure that all members of the public have vacated the hall, before locking up; to check that heating thermostats have not been tampered with, and all lighting is switched off. He or she will also be responsible for the general behaviour of the public.

REFUSALS The Trust reserve the right to refuse any application or to cancel any application granted in any circumstances whatsoever, without incurring thereby, any liability to the applicants for any loss or pecuniary damages arising from such refusal.

SUBLETTING Parties hiring the hall shall not be entitled to sublet the premises or change the purpose for which it is hired without the consent of Campsie Memorial Hall Trust.

b) The Trust and its representatives shall not be responsible for any damage to or loss of property or valuables brought into or left in any part of the premises by the hirers or by any person attending any meetings or functions therein or for any injury, however caused, to any person connected with the hirers or by any person attending any meetings or functions therein or for any injury, however caused, to any person connected with the hirers or guests of the hirers.

The Trust accepts no responsibility for food made and served or food brought to the hall and consumed in the hall.

Food Hygiene Guidelines are displayed in the kitchen for the benefit of all hall users.

Please read these and adhere to them.

c) HEALTH AND SAFETY All passages to and from the hall must be kept free of any obstruction and all doors leading thereto kept unlocked from the opening until the end of the function. Nothing shall be done or anything brought within the premises that, in the opinion of the Trust, may involve any extra risk to the property or users. Any persons hiring the premises for a dramatic performance or a performance of a similar nature shall ensure that all scenery, curtains, wings draperies (other than articles of dress) etc, used on the stage or in any other parts of the premises shall be rendered non-inflammable and be so maintained during the performance.

The hirer will inform all users of their let of the fire evacuation procedures – (it is brought to your attention that a fire routine and procedure notice is displayed in the hall).

Changes under The Fire Safety (Scotland) Act 2005 require regular hall user groups to practise fire drill every 6 months, the person in charge (usually the hirer) being responsible for this. In the event of fire, the person in charge will be responsible for checking the hall building, that all persons have evacuated the hall, unless his or her life would be put in danger by doing so. Please ensure all fire doors are kept clear at all times.

Occasional users should familiarise themselves with how to raise the alarm and fire exists in the event of fire.

ELECTRICAL WIRING AND APPLIANCES Must not be interfered with by lessees or unauthorised persons under any circumstances. It is a requirement that lessees ensure their electrical equipment is in good working order. Therefore, lessees should familiarize themselves with the leaflet “Electrical Safety for Entertainers” which is available from the Trust.

d) Time of entry and departure to be agreed at time of booking and this should be in writing to the booking secretary, Address, Tel: (Booking form overleaf.) Any additional time will incur additional costs.

e) Regular user groups are expected to do their own housekeeping, leaving the hall in readiness for next user. Check list on arrival and departure to be completed at each let until further notice.

Parties or fund raising events: arrangements for housekeeping and returning keys should be agreed at time of booking.

Please note, when leaving the hall after 11pm, to keep noise to a minimum to avoid creating a nuisance to local residents.

The Trust may exercise it’s right to amend regular bookings, for example if a one-off booking clashes with a regular booking. The Trust will try to keep this to a minimum and give reasonable notice.

f) The individual or user group using the hall will be held responsible for any damage to the hall, its furnishings, fittings, accessories or the surrounds.

Any damage must be reported and made good at the expense of the individual or user group to the full satisfaction of the Trust.

g) ALCOHOL ON THE PREMISES – Alcohol liquor may only be sold on the premises by authority of an Occasional Licence granted by the East Dunbartonshire Licensing Board. No intoxicating liquor may be made available for consumption by any person under the age of 18 years. All bars and buffets must be closed half an hour before the end of the function

The Hall no longer allows Bring your Own Bottle and  the hirer must arrange for a private Bar.  Campsie Bowling Club can provide Bar facilities (please contact CMHT for further information).  The hirer must obtain a licence from EDC 6 weeks prior to the function.  For more information and how to apply please visit:

You may hire a private bar with their own licence.  Any Drinks Licence/Price List must be displayed at the bar area.

Alcohol must not be consumed outside the hall as this is in breach of the licensing conditions.   

The applicant is responsible for supervision of its consumption and requires to be especially vigilant. (BAR LICENCES ARE ALLOWED UP TO 11.30 P.M.)  

h) A no smoking policy applies throughout the hall buildings to comply with the Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005.

j) The Trust has adopted Child Protection Policy Guidelines. Users groups involving children are requested to read and adhere to these guidelines.

k) The Trust has adopted a specific Policy for Letting for groups or individuals who fall into child care positions. Such hall users are requested to complete both the conditions of let form and the ‘child care position’ form. (See appendix 2 page 7 in the Child Protection Guidelines Policy.)

l) The use of a bouncy castle is not covered by the hall’s insurance.

m) CATERING Hirers will be responsible for caterers using the kitchen and will ensure all premises used are left in a clean and tidy condition. The lessee/caterer shall be responsible for the clearing of surface litter/empty bottles etc from tables and floors under the direction of the Trust representative. Caterers shall ideally be admitted for preparations immediately before function .

n) DECORATIONS Extra fittings and decorations provided by the hirer shall be subject to the approval of the Trust before being fitted up and shall be removed immediately after the close of the function. Any loss or damage caused in fitting up or removing shall be made good by the hirers or be made good by the Trust and the costs charged to the lessee. No nails, staples etc. shall be inserted in the wood or walls or in any part of the premises.  Please use the Pinboards located round the hall. No “exploding” glitter cartridges or streamers are allowed within the building. Candles are permitted within the halls however, they must be contained in a holder.

o) DISCOS/BAND CONCERTS/BOUNCY CASTLES There are separate hirer rules pertaining to Band Concerts/Public Disco/Bouncy Castle type events.  Smoke Machines must not be used in the hall.

p) STEWARDING Hirers shall, where necessary, be bound to employ a sufficient number of stewards (ratio of one to twenty-five participants) to preserve order on the premises to the satisfaction of the Trust and shall provide such door keepers and other attendants as may be necessary. Failure to do so will prejudice future lets. Stewards, Door Keepers and Attendants must be over 25 years of age.

q) MUSIC AMPLIFICATION Must be controlled so that the sound does not penetrate houses in the vicinity. The amplification must be reduced on receiving complaints from the Police or Trust representative.

r) PERFORMING RIGHTS SOCIETY The Trust has a responsibility to provide an “Annual Musical Performance Return” to the Performing Rights Society. In summary, details of box office receipts (net of VAT) are required from lessees for the following type of events eg. classical music concerts, pantomimes, variety shows, musicals, rock concerts, public discos etc.

s) ENTRY TIMES Doors shall be open approximately 15 minutes before the beginning of any let or 30 minutes before social events/functions and the Trust representative will be authorised to close the doors if he/she considers this necessary after consultation and due intimation.

t) PUBLIC ADVERTS Lessees must comply with all legal requirements regarding display of adverts / notices on Public roads etc. – contact East Dunbartonshire Partnership and Planning Department for guidance.